Bradley Cooper is in talks with Warner and Atlas Entertainment to co-produce, and potentially star in, Red Blooded American.

Warner Bros. and Atlas Entertainment, along with director Jay Roach, are pushing to fast-track the project, which will focus on the seven-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, and his fall from grace. Armstrong admitted to taking illegal performance-enhancing drugs to boost his stamina.

The film will also follow the story arc of Armstrong's former teammate Tyler Hamilton, a former member of the US Postal Service team. Hamilton exposed Armstrong's PED use on a 60 Minutes segment. Cooper is looking to nab one of the major roles of Armstrong or Hamilton in the film.

Armstrong's story is hot property at the moment. Warner's project is racing against Stephen Frear's film about Armstrong, which is already in production. It stars Ben Foster as Armstrong and is scripted by John Hodge (Trainspotting). The film traces Armstrong's story from his fight with cancer through his scandalous exit from professional cycling.

Earlier this week, it was announced that director Alex Gibney's Lance Armstrong documentary, The Armstrong Lie, was added to the Toronto Film Festival. The documentary follows the onetime champion in 2009, as he attempts a comeback, and then again in 2013 after his doping scandal went public

The documentary offers access to Armstrong's former teammates, doctors and professionals as well as Armstrong himself.

 "We set out to make a movie about a comeback--with unlimited and unprecedented access to Armstrong and the inner workings of the Tour de France," producers Frank Marshall and Matt Tolmach said. "Along the way, we ended up chronicling the collapse of one of the greatest myths and legends of our time."