Avril Lavigne released the music video for Rock N Roll, the first single to release from her upcoming self-titled album, featuring Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years) and actor Billy Zane.

In the video McKellar's character's name is also Winnie. Decked out in combat gear, Lavigne portrays a bad-ass G.I. Jane figure in an action comic-strip. Billy Zane is a good guy fighting to save Rock N Roll from the antagonist - who looks like a Darth Vader impostor - and Lavigne is his partner in crime. The video is interspersed with animation sketches and takes jabs at some hallmarks of '90s pop-culture.

The video opens with Lavigne parodying her 2002 hit Sk8r Boi, answering a call on her "Sony phone" (which sits in a glass of iced water). Fans realize soon enough that the video is rife with parodies. Lavigne's drunk dog drives the car and causes them to get into an accident. Lavigne and Winnie share a lingering kiss and she journalizes their first kiss in a Kevin Arnold-style voice-over.

"It was the first kiss for both of us but we never really talked about it. But I think of the events of that day again and again and I know that Winnie does too," Lavigne said.

She then launches into a bleeding guitar solo outside a church in the middle of nowhere, just like Slash in November Rain.
Lavigne goes also combat through the video, from ripping shirts with a switchblade to defeating a "bear-shark" with her guitar. The video concludes with Zane taking off on a segway into outer-space

Lavigne's album releases on Sep. 24.

There has been an instance of speculation about Lavigne's sapphic tendencies in the past; a rumored dalliance with a close female friend in Mexico in 2012.

Watch the music video here: