Eddie Murphy released the video for his new song Red Light, which features Snoop Dogg, on Monday.

The track is the first single off of Murphy's upcoming reggae album titled 9, which is the actor's first official foray into music. Murphy joined Twitter on Sept. 3 and announced the release of his first single through a Soundcloud link on Sept. 5.

With Red Light, Murphy resuscitates the ghost of Bob Marley in a contemporary setting. The tune is Murphy's rastafarian anthem driven by social commentary focussing on black communities.

"Red light/Stop right there where you are...It can't be long till the military come with a knock on your door," goes the refrain.

Murphy addresses issues of racial profiling, unwarranted frisking, police brutality, elements of racism that still lurk beneath a progressive veneer, and also holds up a mirror to the state of his own violence-ridden community.

"(Gone) Emancipation/(Gone) Race Relation/Most of your rebels are gone" he sings.

Murphy drops all his comedic chops and warms up those vocal chords to stream some aggression. He and his crew are dressed in black hoodies in the song's music video.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, published Monday, Murphy spoke about the video, making the album and his inspirations. Two of his biggest musical influences were Marley and the Beatles.

He set up a studio in his Beverly Hills mansion and has been recording the album there. He said about the process, "All I've been doing is making music. I haven't been working on films, haven't been developing movies, or any of that s--t."

He also spoke about the idea behind the video for Red Light:

"We were trying to have some visuals that would go with what we're saying and not be too preachy or heavy-handed. The subtlety of a little girl coming up, going out of her house and going to the corner to get some ice cream and all the shit that she sees from going out of her crib, just going and coming back, it's real subtle."

Murphy's album is due out some time in early 2014.

Watch the music video for Red Light here: