The new season of The X Factor returns on Wednesday and the sneak previews reveals Simon Cowell continued to offer contestants the snide, sarcastic remarks he is known for.

In one preview clip, after a contestant sings Britney Spears' Do Me Baby, Cowell quipped, "There was a moment when I shot my eyes; I thought we had Britney Spears on stage."

In a preview of the episode that features the Long Island auditions-- which he described as one of the "weirdest" days he had in his life-- Cowell puts on his prescription glasses after a contestant hits the wrong notes while performing a song. When asked about his eye-wear, Cowell said he wears them when he "gets a headache" after watching bad auditions.

In the same teaser, Cowell tells a singer from the judges' table that he is "saddened" that singer's rendition of Britney Spears' Toxic is "too much like original."

The unmarried father-to-be also shared several as-yet-revealed things about himself The X Factor and American Idol fans never knew about him.

Cowell said his favorite One Direction song is What Makes You Beautiful because it's their first hit single. He also said he has no interest in pursuing a career in politics-- he was offered an opportunity to become Prime Minister and turned it down. He also shared a list of songs he's tired of hearing contestants perform during auditions. Namely, I'm Yours by Jason Meraz, ET by Katy Perry, "early" Maroon 5, At Last Etta James and Unchained Melody.

Cowell has been sharing his excitement about the addition of Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, the two new judges that join him and Demi Lovato this season.

He told E!   he enjoys being on a panel with three women because he's "always had my ex-girlfriends around, a lot of my friends are girls and working with three girls on the panel was just a natural extension of that."

Lovato spilled the beans on one contestant viewers should look out for. She didn't name which city she is from but said she is 54-year-old woman looks a lot younger and sings as well as the late singer Whitney Houston.

"There was one woman--and it was really weird, because she looked like she was like 30 but she's 54--she has the voice and she really embodies Whitney Houston when she performs," the new Glee star told E! "So that was pretty incredible."

The X Factor's two-night premiere will begin on Sept. 11 & 12 at 8 p.m. EST/7 Central on FOX.

Watch a sneak preview from the Long Island auditions featuring Cowell's confessions below.