'Grudge Match' Trailer VIDEO Has Robert De Niro & Sylvester Stallone Fighting in the Ring


The trailer for Grudge Match, which stars Slyvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, has been released.

Syvester Stallone and Robert de Niro play two retired boxers who face off to settle a tie-breaker from 30 years ago. Stallone plays Henry "Razor" Sharp and De Niro plays Billy "The Kid" McDonnen. The two fought twice back in the day and each had a victory, but they never had a third match against each other. The bitter enemies meet again and decide to have that final round.

The Warner Bros. film also stars Kevin Hart, Alan Arkin, John Bernthal and Kim Basinger. It is directed by Peter Segal, and scripted by Tim Kelleher and Rodney Rothman.

Both Stallone and De Niro have played the roles of boxers before: Stallone is known for his leading role in the Rocky franchise and De Niro portrayed famous boxer Jake LaMotta in the Martin Scorsese-directed film Raging Bull (1980).

Grudge Match is scheduled for release on Christmas Day.

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De Niro's new film, The Family, opens in theaters Sept. 13. De Niro and co-star Michelle Pfeiffer play the heads of a mobster family.

The film has received mixed reviews so far. Stephen Holden of the The New York Times suggested that the performances were the only good thing about the film: "The movie has holes galore. It has abrupt tonal shifts, an incoherent back story and abandoned subplots. It doesn't even try for basic credibility. But buoyed by hot performances, it sustains a zapping electrical energy."

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