Earlier this summer, Amanda Bynes requested a custom grill from Ben Baller -- a jeweler who has created custom pieces for a number of celebrities.

The grill cost $10,000 and is rose gold with pink diamond insets.

The jeweler uploaded the photo (above) and noted that he has been trying for months to deliver it to Bynes -- but for now, it's just gathering dust at his shop.

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"Ever wondered what Amanda Bynes grills came out to look like? Here you go... Natural pink diamonds set on 14k rose gold (before one of you smart ass asks why it isn't 18k gold, it's because 18k is way too soft to be in the mouth piece)," he wrote on Instagram.

"Tried for months to deliver this to her but doubt it will happen. Should I auction these off to charity? Thoughts?" he added.

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One fan suggested that he was a "fool" for creating something for Bynes, who never picked up her purchase.

Ben noted: "She paid me before I even left to NYC to make the mold. How dumb do you sound? It's sitting in my store collecting dust so it's time to move it for a good cause."