Though director Zack Snyder confirming that Lex Luthor will be appearing in Man of Steel 2 a.k.a. Batman vs. Superman, fans can expect a slightly different character than usual.

Lex Luthor is known as Superman's biggest and most prominent nemesis from the comics and the movies. He is also known as a wealthy, corrupt businessman whose only obstacle in attaining world domination is Superman. His most prominent feature is his bald head.

Actors who have played Superman on film have included Gene Hackman in the '70s and '80s Superman film series and Kevin Spacey, who played the villain in 2006's Superman Returns.

Though many baldheaded actors have been rumored to be playing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2, from Bryan Cranston to Terry O'Quinn, the villain depicted in the film will likely have a full head of hair.

Snyder said in a previous interview that he envisions Lex Luthor differently than how he's often perceived.

"I don't know, I think you'd just have to imagine like a combination of, you know, Richard Branson and Brad Pitt I guess," Snyder told Yahoo! Movies UK. "Mixed together!" It is not clear from the interview if he was referring to what a modern Lex Luthor would look like in real life or if that is how he envisions the character for Man of Steel 2.

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In other Man of Steel 2 news, Christian Bale (who played Batman in three films) recently gave advice to Ben Affleck on playing Batman.

"The only thing I said to him is [to] make sure he could take a piss without anyone having to help him," Bale quipped to Access Hollywood recently. "Because it's a little bit humiliating when you have to have somebody help you out of the costume in order to do that."

Man of Steel 2 is scheduled for release in theaters on July 17, 2015.