A clip showing the making of Lily Allen's Hard Out Here music video features the singer learning how to twerk, dancing clumsily and goofing around in the studio.

In the beginning of the footage Allen is seen discussing with her production crew the concept behind her video, her dance moves and what she will be wearing. Hints that she needs time to work on her routine, she told her dance instructor they should probably "start tomorrow" and that she will improve with time.

"I've got some natural moves, I won't be wearing a tank top," she said while eating a bag of chips.

The song, which seems to be a commentary on the way female artists are portrayed, blatantly criticizes the music industry with lyrics such as "Don't you want to have somebody who objectifies you?" and "Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits/It's hard out here for a b--ch."

The video for the song, which was released on Nov. 12, stirred up a bit of a controversy for its showing of unabashed twerking, as Allen is seen with a crew of female African-American dancers doing the dance move as the singer spanks them on the butt. The video was interpreted by some to be a mockery of Miley Cyrus, who has become known for her twerking.

Allen, who recently uploaded an Instagram photo with the Wrecking Ball singer, clarified that the video was not meant to poke fun at Cyrus. During an interview with the Daily Mirror, published on Nov. 25, she said she really liked the 21-year-old and thought she was "funny, witty, and clever."

"I never went on record saying the video was a direct pop at her - it wasn't. People have come up with so many conclusions about that video that if I had to explain each of them I'd be there for hours. So I didn't feel the need to explain anything to her when it came out."

Allen also said that she would love to collaborate with Cyrus if she had the opportunity.

Some also accused the video of propogating racism, with Allen's "white female body and objectifying and utterly denigrating those of the black female dancers." Allen responded to the criticisms via Twitter and also asked fans to reach out to the dancers -- she revealed their Twitter handles -- on Nov. 13.

Watch the making-of video here:

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