R. Kelly Christmas Album 2013 is Going to Be About 'a Whole Lot of Love Making,' Singer Says [VIDEO]

R. Kelly just came out with his new record, but he is already back in the studio working on a Christmas album.

Black Panties released on Dec. 10 and was defined by its explicit sexual content. Listeners can expect another dose of Kelly's carnal impulses with a unique soundtrack for the holiday season. The artist promised that his holiday album, 12 Nights of Christmas, will also be sex-heavy.

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"It's gonna be a lot of lovemaking," he said in an interview with Rap Up, while announcing the album. "I come with that bearing gifts."

The R&B singer explained why he was toiling on the album, saying, "I don't believe in just putting out a Christmas album just to sell records. It has to be the next ['This Christmas']. In order to get that and capture that moment, you have to take a couple of Christmases."

The album will not be released in time for the holiday season, however. It is expected to hit shelves sometime in 2014. The rapper added that while he has many albums lined up for fans in the near future -- "seven, eight albums just sitting up like rockets ready to be launched" -- his next studio album is already half-finished. 

"It's gonna be another 12 Play album," he said. "It's gonna be that type of album because there's been a lovemaking album drought... and I've come to save the day."

Watch the music video for Cookie:

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