The cast members of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues werw guests on The Daily Show Dec. 18, and they wound up wrecking Jon Stewart's studio in a fit of comical rage.

Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner were all present for the mock-trashing, which was spurred by Carell confirming rumors and admitting embarrassing personal facts about his co-stars with Jon Stewart.

The joke began with Carell, who was a Daily Show alum, getting special treatment by Stewart. Carrel was treated to a plate of exotic fruit and a glass of exquisite wine, while Stewart wheedled him to clarify rumors he had heard about the other stars.

One such rumor Stewart claimed to have heard was that Ferrell was a "drunken prick on set," which Carell claimed was true.

Carell also confirmed a rumor that Koechner was an avid porn fanatic.

"Yeah, he loves porn, and he likes watching it on planes," Carell said. "We've done a lot of traveling together, so he'll watch it on planes too, it's really disturbing for most of us."

Stewart and Carell even made fun of Rudd, ribbing about the secret of Rudd's age-defying effervescent looks.

"Paul Rudd is not aging in a normal human way," Carell said, "For the rest of us time marches inexorably on yet he, with some combination of yoga and some combination of Nazi blood, has manages to maintain a youthful vigor that makes me think that if I kill him, I'll become him."

In response the three actors finally got off their chairs and chaos ensued, with all of them trying to get a bite off of Carell's special plate and a sip of the wine.

They also distributed the gifts they had originally given to Stewart to members of the audience and even got into a bit of a physical scuffle with the show's host.

Watch the clip from The Daily Show here: