First, it was Pharrell Williams' oversized Vivienne Westwood hat at the Grammy Awards in January, and now another artist is making an edgy fashion statement. But is it one that could translate into a new trend?

Kid Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, rocked out at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on Saturday in denim skinny-jean shorts and a coral crop top.

The rapper's bold ensemble continues to garner tons of mixed reactions on social media, including many who aren't in favor of the eccentric look. Some fashion experts agree with the negative feedback.

"I think of the crop top as an awesome trend piece for women," said Christina Brown, the founder and editor of the style blog "There are some more feminine styles that are acceptable on guys, but I personally think crop tops are taking it a bit too far."

Midriff-baring shirts, which were popular in the 1980s and '90s, made their way back into women's style roughly around 2009 and have yet to make an exit. Shortly thereafter, men also began walking the runway in a similar look. Calvin Klein included male crop tops while showing off his spring/summer 2011 collection at Milan Fashion Week in 2010 and designer Astrid Andersen later incorporated the short shirts into his spring/summer 2014 collection during London Fashion Week in 2013.

Other fashion gurus are also in favor of the male crop top and praised Cudi's fashion choice.

"Kid Cudi's Coachella ensemble could absolutely be the start of a new trend or at least a refreshed one," said fashion designer Candace E. Clark, pointing out that singer Prince wore a similar style in the '80s.

The founder of Candace Elena Couture also deemed the rapper's fashion choice "courageous," adding, "to do so at an event as popular as Coachella deserves praise."

Justin Livingston, the founder of the popular fashion blog, Scout Sixteen, explained that men's mainstream fashion rarely takes risks. Self-proclaimed style icon Kanye West, he said, is one of the few who has begun to push the limits. For example, West turned heads when he wore a leather Givenchy kilt on stage in 2012. And now, Kid Cudi can be added to the list of the fashion risk takers.

"I think Kid Cudi's crop top pushed the envelope into more androgynous fashion," Livingston said. "And the fact that people can't stop talking about it speaks to his continuing relevant influence."

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