New parents Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman seem to be enjoying the sweet life. In fact, the 56-year-old X Factor judge is apparently enjoying enough for the both of them, as his misses recently passed on the snacks. Does she feel weighed down with leftover baby fat?

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Recently, the British music mogul was spotted out and about in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, helping himself to an assortment of frozen yogurt. On the other hand, his newborn son Eric's mother opted not to partake in gobbling the chilled delicacy with her guy.

On Monday, the Daily Mail shared the scoop on the sighting of the couple. "Simon tried a sample before committing to a cup of frozen yogurt that he spooned up outside the store, but new mum Lauren Silverman didn't indulge at all. Perhaps she's still trying to shed some baby weight, though she certainly looked svelte in her white jeans."

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Meanwhile, she isn't the only love interest of Cowell's who is strutting their stuff in nice duds. Reportedly, little Eric's mom and dad went shopping for him after satisfying Cowell's sweet tooth. "Their newborn was not far from their mind as they couldn't help but buy baby clothes for their infant son," told the report. It sounds like they have one luxurious two-month-old on their hands, as it is said that the mogul and his mistress popped tags at "the Petit Bateau high-end baby store in Beverly Hills, California." Oh, the life and times of a multi-millionaire.

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