‘Indiana Jones 5’ Delayed: Announcement Of Three Additional Star Wars Films Spells Bad News For Harrison Ford’s Other Franchise? [PHOTOS]


As filming begins on Star Wars: Episode VII, the announcement of additional planned films in the franchise could be spelling bad news for Disney's other huge adventure series, Indiana Jones.

Harrison Ford Not Returning For 'Indiana Jones 5?'

Rumors have been flying about a potential Indiana Jones 5 movie since Disney acquired all the rights to the franchise, though the company hasn't confirmed any plans for it. Though it was initially reported to be receiving focus after the release of Star Wars: Episode VII in late 2015, a recent announcement for three additionally planned spin-offs could be putting plans for a new Indy film even further off.

According to Cinema Blend, in a May 6 conference call with investors, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the studios have three spin-off movies in the works, and plan to have each of the movies released in years when a new episode of the main Star Wars saga won't be. Because of Episode VII being slated for a release in 2015, the website speculates that means the first sequel film will be released in 2016, with Episode: VIII following in 2017, sequel number 2 in 2018, Episode: IX in 2019 and the third and final sequel in 2020.

'Too Late' For 'Indiana Jones 5?'

The website also speculates that while Iger didn't reveal what the sequel movies would be about, that the films will potentially be origin stories about established characters-including Han Solo, who is portrayed by Harrison Ford.

If an origin movie about Ford's character is in the works, it could mean Disney will at least hold off on any potential Indiana Jones film until that film is also released -- meaning that if an origin story for Han Solo isn't slated to happen until 2020, that Indiana Jones 5 could possibly not even be announced until 2021.
Even if a Han Solo Origin story is released earlier, Indiana Jones could still be kept on the back burner until 2021 anyway if Disney decides to focus on the franchise only after they've finished their plans for the Star Wars franchise.

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