Dr. Evil is not the only one with a mini-me. GMA TV Host Robin Roberts has one too, and the host is still "beaming" about it.

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Roberts took to Twitter, "I'm still beaming spending time this morn @GMA with my mini me..MAGMA! #SeeingDoubleKidsEdition"

Good Morning America requested videos for the perfect kiddie anchor to be the TV hosts' child dopplegangers. Videos flowed in from all over the country. How did GMA reveal their mini-me's? Through a looking glass. Each anchor stood in front of a mirror, and their child look-alike popped out (Wearing a replica of the exact same clothes as their anchors).

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George Stephanopoulos received his first: Pre-teen Eric Haushalter from Michigan came out wearing the exact same sharp suit as George.

On another day, Lara Spencer took in her double, 13-year-old Holland Kanne, wearing a white dress and turquois statement necklace just like Spencer.

Then it was Roberts turn. Clad in a coral dress and belt, she hugged her little 6-year-old doppleganger Sienna Hawkins from Roseville, Mich. In her video, Hawkins says, "Like Robin, I play basketball."

When asked on the show what she wanted to be when she grows up, adorable Hawkins replied, "I want to be just like you, Robin."

Roberts took to her Twitter to express her heart-felt joy:

"Nothing better than a child's sweet hug. Thank you Sienna. XOXO"

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