Apr 21, 2021 06:50 AM EDT By Lauren DuBois

16 Surprising Celebrity Couples We Forgot Dated: Sandra Bullock & Ryan Gosling, Janet Jackson And Matthew McConaughey & More [PHOTOS]

Despite the most recent romances some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities are in constantly making headlines these days, some of the biggest A-listers have had way more headline-worthy romances that have since generally been forgotten.

Whether the relationships were public or private, involved wedding plans, living together or just random hook-ups, several Hollywood celebrities have had some interesting and shocking romantic histories --though most people barely remember the couples were ever together.

Though all of these celebrities have moved on in big ways (and in some cases, several times over), the relationships and brief flings they carried on with others are still a big deal, just because looking at them now can easily make fans scratch their heads about how they even got hooked up in the first place.

Enstars compiled a list of 16 of the most surprising couples in Hollywood that have since been forgotten.

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