Bianca Del Rio, the recently crowned winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, who's known for her razor-sharp wit and dead-on Judge Judy impersonation, is currently serving up her signature clown realness on the road as the reigning queen of Season 6.

"It's kind of a whirlwind but I get to meet all these people and I like chatting with people," said Roy Haylock, the man underneath the Bianca Del Rio wig.

Haylock worked in costume design and theater, which eventually led to drag performances. Since there's a "Ru" but no rules in drag, Haylock realized that comedy should be the main event for his act.

"It wasn't a conscious decision on my part," Haylock told Enstars over the phone Tuesday. "Clown just came naturally."

In junior high school, Haylock was the student who always had to sit right next to the teacher. He was either in trouble or engaged in constant conversation with the instructor.

"Different was the word always used for me, but I found it to be a good thing," said Haylock who's inspired by Bozo the Clown and Joan Crawford.

He described his idols as very strong characters with lengthy careers. Both were also either loved or hated by people, a characteristic that connects him to this "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantyhose."

On the show, viewers got a glimpse of his bold impulse humor known as the Bianca Del Rio "Rolodex of Hate." Shortly after he was introduced, Haylock labeled his insult comedy as: "Just like Don Rickles but in a dress and prettier and not as old."

But Haylock's kind-hearted nature shined continuously throughout the season when viewers met a softer side, apart from the sassy Bianca Del Rio character. The memorable moment when he lent fellow contestant Adore Delano a waist cincher, exposed Bianca Del Rio as a queen with a heart.

"That's just me in a normal situation. Most of the time I didn't really pay attention to what else was going on, I was in work mode," said Haylock.

Bianca Del Rio batted her eyelashes at the competition, never had to lip-sync for her life or be placed in danger of sashaying away. Haylock's designs were always beautifully stitched. Even a gown made from a luau party box was deemed gorgeous by the judges.

The crowning was no baloney as 38-year-old Haylock wowed the competition then won the race and RuPaul's congratulatory air kisses. Now thanks to the show, her film Hurricane Bianca is expected to start filming by next summer.

Haylock and friend Matt Kugelman are crowdsourcing for this "drag queen revenge comedy," about a teacher who is fired for being gay and returns as a drag queen for payback.

The idea came when Kugelman, who works in news media, told Haylock that 29 states allow people to be fired based on their sexual orientation.

"We wanted to bring this up in a comedic way without being preachy. There's always truth in comedy," said Haylock who was shocked by the statistics for 2014.

Haylock hopes that the film will raise awareness and bring this issue out from under the radar.

Until Hurricane Bianca can pull a Veronica Mars (brought up in the promo video), Bianca Del Rio is touring in the name of Drag Race, writing a one-man show and standup special, and wreaking overall havoc with those dimples.