Instagram sensation Jen Selter is known for her curvaceous posterior, and she gave some tips on some sexy attire that one can wear to show off that backside.

Jen Selter Reveals What She Finds Attractive In Men

On Saturday, Selter gave fasion advice in New York Post on how one can really flaunt that behind. Even though it takes a high amount of exercise, there are some outfits that can help. One of these is high heels, which pushes girls to stand up straight.

"This changes the natural curve in your spine, triggering your butt to appear larger and more shapely," Selter wrote. "My favorite brands are Christian Louboutin and Steve Madden."

Jen Selter Promotes Workout Product In Cleavage Shot

The model then talked about yoga pants, a common piece of clothing that Selter's worn in a number of her Instagram photos.

"They tightly hug every curve of your legs and butt and put the emphasis on your behind," the model wrote. "Get a pair of Hard Tail (available at or Solow ( pants. All the cool colors help draw attention to your bottom, too."

The three other outfits that Selter put in the column were high-waisted bondage skirts, bandage dress and jeggings. She revealed that the bandage dress accentuates more than just the behind, but also the chest.

Selter has more than four million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most famous online celebrities there is. Most of her images show her at the gym while others show her in bikinis by the pool.

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