With the emergence of Rocket Raccoon and Groot as marketing giants after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems like the one of Marvel's next origin stories will also have an item and character that they believe will be the next popular thing.

Is An 'Iron Man 2' Villain Headed To 'Doctor Strange?'

Comic Book uncovered on Monday that Marvel has registered two domains: LevitationCloak.com and SorcerorSupreme.net. Both of these are linked with the upcoming Doctor Strange movie and the site believes this could be a means of setting up future merchandising.

According to the site, perhaps Stephen Strange's cloak is a big deal in the movie. Maybe it's the studio's big merchandise hope for the film. "We could be just two years away from seeing everybody under 4 feet tall, and a good number of those taller, running around with their own yellow pseudo-Strange cloaks flapping from their shoulders," they added.

'Doctor Strange' Heading To Production Soon With 2016 Release In Mind?

It could work for the studio to get ready with this item after the massive popularity that Guardians has had with marketing. But it is curious that this is the item they are preparing for and nothing from the other origin story, Ant-Man, is being set-up.

It was recently set that Doctor Strange would hit in July 2016 with director Scott Derrickson. Joaquin Phoenix has been rumored most recently to play the role, but no firm details have been set with the actor and studio.

Marvel is also moving away from the origin stories and the film will open with Doctor Strange already a Sorcerer Supreme.