While there have been many rumors swirling around which actor could portray Steven Strange, whether it be Benedict Cumberbatch, Jack Huston, or Joaquin Phoenix, it seems like the first appearance of whoever plays the hero could be coming during the end credits of the next Marvel movie.

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Even though Ant-Man would be coming next for Marvel after Avengers 2, it would seem more logical for the studio to tease Doctor Strange, which would give fans a small taste of what to expect while giving them some time before the actual movie comes out.

It also would give them a showcase to show off whoever takes the role, unless they decide to reveal sooner. If Phoenix does end up taking the role, they could use the release and hype around Inherent Vice to showcase him as the Sorcerer Supreme. But it would seem more likely that they want to go for the surprise and reveal it during an end credit sequence.

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It was a technique that worked well for the revelation of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man and showing Thor's hammer during the credits. Marvel has made it a trademark that they will hint at stuff during the end, and the reveal of Doctor Strange could be their largest one yet.

With Scott Derrickson set to direct, and writers already having a script ready, the casting is the only thing they are waiting on, which could lead to the big reveal at the end of Avengers 2.