'Blackish' Episode 1 Star Tracee Ellis Ross Interview 2014; ABC Actress Sits Down With 'The Breakfast Club' to Discuss Big Booties and Hit Ratings Smash [VIDEO]

Black-ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross is no stranger to the business. If you were too young to watch her sparkle as Joan on her former hit show Girlfriends, then you might not know that she is the daughter of the iconic singer Diana Ross. And well, now you do.

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Needless to say, Tracee Ellis Ross has had a great life and an even better week. The Black-ish series debut drew over 10.7 million peopel to watch and landed the show in 2nd place, just behind the wildly popular ABC hit, Modern Family. To promote the show even further, she decided to swing by and meet up with Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. During their 20 minute interview, Ross showed off her adorably hilarious personality and discussed everything from her unknown obsessions to her actual name. A must-see, indeed.

Here are 18 Things We Learned About Tracee Ellis Ross on 'The Breakfast Club':

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1. Her hit show Girlfriends had 174 episodes and an abrupt ending, without a show finale.  Fans, like Charlamagne are upset, but Tracee did say that there might have been a script. In it, Toni and Joan probably reunited.

2. There was a Girlfriends movie in the works, but no one knows what happened. Even Joan.

3. Charlamagne wants to be Girlfriend. Literally.

4. SIDE NOTE: Fans of Girlfriends should start a social media campaign to bring it back to the air.  Tracee thinks the only reason why it never happened is because there was no Twitter/Facebook when the show was on. Now, though-Hey, it worked for The Game!

5. "Black-ish is not about being black," Tracee said. It's about the daily happenings and situations of a black family in 21st century suburban culture.

6. Also, her new show is important because it sparks conversations about race.  While it is a comedy, the topics they deal with are very realistic and relevant to navigating today's society.

7. Unlike the many bi-racial children, Ross did not grow up feeling confused about her identity.  She found it exciting and it allows her to not notice when she's the "Only fly in the buttermilk."

8. Tracee Ellis Ross' real name is Tracee Joyce Silberstein.

9. Diana Ross is Tracee's mother, no surprise there. But, she only recalls Diana being "Mom, first," and not having any major privileges that fans think a child of a celebrity would've had.

10. Diana Ross would never leave her kids for longer than a week.  She would record at night and wake them up for school in the morning. Point is, she was an amazing mom who raised a pretty amazing daughter, too. She never heard her complain.

11. She is seriously thinking about pursuing a career in rap covers, or as she calls it, "A really good karaoke artist."  You have to see her hilarious covers on her Instagram.

12. Because she is not "of the hood," she doesn't understand all of the terminologies in rap songs or hip hop culture.  Therefore, when Charlamagne tells her she has fans because of her plump derrière, she asks, "Is that the same as my cakes?" LOL.

13. Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video has a fan in Tracee because she thinks the women look amazing and she liked how Minaj flipped the same thing male rappers do all of the time.

14. She has a favorite new phrase that Charlamagne taught her. It includes "popping" and another word for... Well, just watch.

15. If she does and can twerk, it's only her business and she's not telling.

16. Tracee's famous line from the Black-ish trailer - "If I'm not black, tell that to my hair and my a-[booty]"-was a result of her brilliant improv skills.

17. She has an unsurprising fascination with booties. One of her guilty pleasures is to troll the internet to learn as much as she can about them-- Fake or real.

18. To Tracee, women have altered their bodies to keep up with an unrealistic standard of societal beauty. You have to hear her powerful statement about it because it's pretty freakin' extraordinary.

To watch the full interview, scroll down! Make sure you tune in to Black-ish, Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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