One Direction fans can finally relax a little because beloved band member Zayn Malik has returned to the stage.

Zayn Malik Furious With Matt Lauer For Asking Question About Substance Abuse 

That's right, according to USA Today, Malik has finally joined Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan after missing Monday's Today performance.

Fans around the world took to Twitter to express their love for the pop singer and earlier this morning, Malik tweeted a message to all of his supporters.

Matt Lauer Asks If Zayn Malik Missed Band's Appearance Because Of Drug Abuse

On Monday, when Malik failed to appear on The Today Show with the other four band members, Matt Lauer asked if he was missing due to alleged substance abuse.

Band mate and friend Payne shot down rumors of drug abuse by saying that 'He's got a tummy bug, but he's okay.'

Fans were not the one only ones upset by Lauer's question. Malik also apparently fired back at Lauer for the questions he asked during the show.

According to Us Weekly, Malik told The Sun that he was extremely ill and that he was unable to join his band members on Monday during their Today Show performance.

Malik also made it clear that he was furious with Lauer's substance abuse question saying he was, "really angry and upset by what was said on the Today Show.

The group visited Today to promote their new album Four. Viewers can watch the Today performance in the video below.

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