The Hunger Games phenomenon is coming to an end next year and it is looking like a monster event with the return that the first part of the finale is already bringing in at the box office. But could this spell trouble for the other Lionsgate young adult franchises as they try to keep up?

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It is tough to keep up with the Hunger Games, which is probably one of the closest things to Harry Potter since that series ended in terms of fandom and box office returns, but it also puts pressure on the other young adult franchises to keep up.

While the debut of two series, Divergent and The Maze Runner, did well, they now enter their second installment, which was when Hunger Games really began to hit its stride. Can Insurgent do the same thing with Lionsgate shifting their focus to it once Hunger Games ends?

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Right now, it could be the next franchise in line to come in once the Hunger Games ends as the next big young adult series. Shailene Woodley's star is going nowhere but up as is costar Ansel Elgort after the two hit gold with The Fault in Our Stars, but one has to wonder if the story sinks in as much as Hunger Games.

The box office for Divergent wasn't bad as it did warrant a sequel and a two-part finale, but the film also didn't come away as critically acclaimed as the Hunger Games and its sequels. Could a poor critical reception hurt it?

It didn't do anything to Twilight and the Divergent series has some supporters compared to the former series, but it will be a crucial time when Insurgent comes out as the series looks to push itself from the Hunger Games and show that it is a legitimate franchise.