As the most recent Hunger Games movie enjoys a comfy box office return, it also is a bummer to fans to know that it is their second to last trip to the world of Panem. But are there ways to make a spin-off and would fans be interested in diving into these other worlds?

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Movie Pilot speculated on Tuesday about where the Hunger Games franchise could go with next year's film being the last one. The series has been incredibly popular and Lionsgate could look to extend it, especially since their other properties don't even touch the popularity of this one.

One option was diving into the story of District 13. Fans were introduced to this world in the last movie and little information has been spilled so far about the district.

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According to the site, the film could go into how District 13 was ravaged by the flu that killed off many of it's citizens. It could even explain how President Alma Coin had lost her family to the disease. It would allow a bit more empathy for her than we do in the books or movies.

Another option was a sequel to the events of Mockingjay Part 2 where they would focus on the lives of Peeta and Katniss. While this seems tough to do, mainly because it seems doubtful that Josh Hutchinson and Jennifer Lawrence would want to do more movies, it would seem like this option would be more fan service than an enticing movie.

The last option was a look at the story of Haymitch, played by Woody Harrelson in the series. This story could dive into his fight in the Hunger Games and the aftermath that led him into the persona that he carried when we met him in the first movie. While it wouldn't bring Harrelson back probably, it would allow for new, young actors to take over the franchise.