Singer and reality star Tamar Braxton has reached her breaking point against her social media haters and has clapped back at a couple of her haters.

Tamar Braxton Fires Back At Blogger Who Claims Her Husband, Vince Herbert, Abuses Her 'It's Going To Cost You'

The Grammy-nominated songstress came under verbal attack on Instagram after she shared a photo of herself under mistletoe offering up a little love for her fans and nearly two million followers.

What she might not have expected was for some of her followers to criticize her looks.

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One wrote, no thanks she is not Pretty. Sowwy Lol" as another chimed in with "OMG NO! How old is she . She look like she 45 years old. NO !!!!"

Braxton spotted the negative comments and quickly responded reading both of the fans.

"What chall mad for?? Oh..... I know why. Ok fine you THINK I'm ugly (fell better??)) I don't care at all!!!!! Trust Me! I think I am amazing!!"

She went on to run down the success she has reached.

"I've Sold out my OWN tour? (At 36) had a miracle baby (at 36) and now at (37 years old) Put out MY OWN clothing line, Have an AMAZING family, 2 #1 reality shows that I created, started my OWN liquor line, writing a book, and u want to tell people NOT to watch this show because YOU both THINK I'm ugly??? well I think the two of you are UGLY people as well so NOW we are even!!! Cool??!! HOWEVER...the Question STILL remains...why are you SO mad??"

The post and interaction has since been deleted. Check it out here.