Lil Wayne isn't messing around when it comes to his album and is so serious about it getting released that he's pushing the idea of going to court.

Lil Wayne Goes On Angry Twitter Rant After Label Refuses To Release 'Tha Carter V'

On Christmas day, TMZ reported that the rapper is ready to take his feud with his longtime mentor Bryan "Birdman" Williams aka Baby to court.

Lil Wayne is reportedly "threatening to drag him and Cash Money into court if they don't drop his album" right now. 

Lil Wayne Gets Two New Tattoos Amidst Feud With Baby Over Halt In Releasing 'Tha Carter V'

The site reported that sources close to the feud revealed Lil Wayne has issued an ultimatum in writing that states Tha Carter V needs to be released as soon as possible otherwise he intends to sue to leave Cash Money for good.

TMZ was also told the Lollipop rapper is standing his ground since he believes his album is in fact ready to drop, but Baby insists there's a lot of work left to do still.

The pair is reportedly still not on speaking terms. The site further reported that Lil Wayne is solely focused on his album and will worry about fixing his friendship with Baby at a later time (once the album drops basically) if that is even a possibility at this rate.

Lil Wayne, despite the controversy amidst him and his label, seemed to at least enjoy Christmas since he tweeted "Happy Holidaze" with a photo as seen below.

Prior to that tweet though, he tweeted about possibly having the "weight of the world" on him.