Although Tom Daley had come up short on his quest for gold in the 2012 London Games, he may have struck it in the dating world. It is being reported that the 18-year-old English diver has recently been flirting with British pop sensation Cheryl Cole.

The very friendly banter apparently had been initiated by the 29-year-old beauty, who had tweeted him during the 2012 Olympics on receiving some private diving lessons. 

Cole had kicked off the correspondence between the two with the following tweet on July 31st:

"I think you are amazing!  Will you teach me how to swam dive?" Cole wrote.

The singer followed up the previous message with yet another on Aug. 11th.

"Congratulations @TomDaley1994...  You did us all proud..!!  Now you should have some free time to teach me that dive!! :D," she later added. 

Daley was quick to seize the tutelage opportunity, as he responded with the following answer on that same day:

"I will :) we need to get it organised!  I will DM you now :)," replied Daley.

When queried by Heat magazine this week, the Olympian further elaborated on his future diving lesson with the former "Girls Aloud" beauty:

"We're trying to organize a "dive" which would be pretty cool. I think it's just trying to sort out a time and a place," he stated.

Upon the suggestion that he should turn the co-ed lesson into a romantic date, Daley was quite to point out his thoughts on the matter, also according to the publication.

"I haven't got a hope in hell! It'll just be embarrassing [if I ask her out], it's not gonna work out. I wish I did have the courage to [ask her out]. I've got her calendar on my wall, so I'm used to seeing her [half-naked] and I see divers [half-naked] every day, although it is Cheryl," Daley had said.

In other buzz, Tom Daley has also been linked to U.S. female diver Kassidy Cook.  However, he insists that they are "just really good friends," according to Metro.