Kristen Bell: Dax Shepard Discussion, 'Hit & Run' and Having a Potty Mouth To Zooey Magazine (PHOTO)

Actress Kristen Bell is the cover model on the September 2012 issue of Zooey Magazine and as of late, she has returned to the spotlight in full force. The "House of Lies" star plays the female lead in the recently released "Hit and Run," the comedy film directed by her fiancée Dax Shepard. He appears in the film as well along with co-star Bradley Cooper.

Zooey spoke with the blonde beauty that became a breakout star in 2004 on the television series "Veronica Mars." She later became known as the nerd guy's "It girl" when she appeared in the television series "Heroes" and the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." In addition to starring alongside Oscar nominee Don Cheadle on the Showtime network's comedy "House of Lies," she narrates the off-screen voice on "Gossip Girl," which is currently filming its final season.

Here are excerpts from Bell's interview in Zooey:

On falling for funnyman Shepard:

"How much time do you have? He's extraordinarily communicative. He always says what's on his mind and normally that can be interpreted as someone that's bossy or a know-it-all, but I mean it as such a compliment. He tells me when he's vulnerable and feeling insecure. He manages to be completely masculine and vulnerable at the same time. It's so attractive. For me it was like...yeah, I'm in!"

About the movie "Hit and Run:"

"Best experience of my life. Being a couple, there were a lot of very real moments captured on screen that we triggered by fighting and saying awful things to each other off camera. We wanted to make it as raw as possible and for it to be like some of the fights we had at the beginning of our relationship before you figure out who you are in relation to that other person. When you're still hanging onto your individuality and independence. I'm so proud of this film."

On having a potty mouth:

"I grew up such a goodie goodie. I didn't even say 'shut-up' until 2nd grade. I thought shut up was like fuck. I would hear 5-year-olds saying "shut up" and it was such a shock to me. My best friend growing up had a horrible potty mouth. She was such a rebel. She even got acrylic nails when we were 10. Such a rule breaker [shakes her head in mock disapproval]. She would try to egg me on to say shut up and I wouldn't do it. Then it slipped out on the playground one day and I got that first wave of goodbye childhood."

"Hit And Run" is in theaters now. The next season of "House of Lies," the cable comedy about a group of management consultants who will do anything to get their way, comes out in 2013.

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