Bobby Shmurda Jail Sentence 2015: 'Hot N--ga' Rapper Not Injured in Rumored Brawl & Gun Charges Dropped, Lawyer Says, 'He Looks Fantastic' [PHOTO]

Bobby Shmurda is still in jail but his lawyers are working hard to make sure he doesn't stay there for much longer. While his day in court is only one week away, on Jan. 29, the gun charges brought against him in Brooklyn were dropped according to his legal rep Howard Greenberg.

"Brooklyn D.A. office announced that the gun case in Brooklyn will be dismissed in about two weeks," Greenberg revealed to REVOLT. "Brooklyn is done and now it's on to Manhattan, where we need to teach these adversaries a lesson."

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20-year-old Shmurda, who was born Ackquille Pollard, still faces various charges in Manhattan including "using drug paraphernalia," conspiracy and reckless endangerment. There has been no word on whether the other 14 members of his crew, GS9, had any of the countless charges against them thrown out. Those charges include murder, attempted murder and firearms possession.

While speaking with REVOLT, Greenberg also cleared up the rumors that were circulating the Internet about his famous client. Firstly, he wasn't killed in jail. "Bullsh-t," Greenberg said. "Saw him yesterday (January 20) in court. He looked fantastic." He also denied reports that said he was attacked in Rikers.

The latest rumor spreading online involves Bobby's pending bail. Many fans have wondered why he is still in jail and according to various sources, it's because he does not want to owe anyone money. Epic allegedly tried to bail him out, as well as his uncles-who might have stolen from him-but he refused their money.

Enstars will keep you posted about his pending court date on Jan. 29.

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