Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis Engaged: Actor Speculates Whether You Can Fall In Love While Sleeping With Other People [VIDEO]

As Jason Sudeikis gets ready for his independent film Sleeping With Other People, he speculates whether you actually can fall in love while sleeping with other people.

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On Sunday, RumorFix shared an interview with Jason Sudeikis about his role in his upcoming independent film.

Apparently, he couldn't be happier to be involved with the movie, but isn't sure if they answer the big question: Can you fall in love while sleeping with other people?

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Sudeikis signed onto the Sundance film before any of the other actors because the producers include his friends Jessic Elbum and Will Ferrell.

"I'm a big fan of the way they conduct their show business and the products that come out of the way they do it," he said.

The cast also includes Alison Brie, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet, Jason Mantzoukas and Natasha Lyonee. Sudeikis is reportedly "flattered" that they all agreed to be involved with the film.

When asked if the big question will be answered, Sudeikis said: "I can't remember if we do. I can't remember if we do answer that. It's a good question though. I'm glad we're at least sharp enough to pose that question or at least you are for sniffing it out."

When asked what he thinks the answer to the question is he said: "Yeah sure - maybe not romantic love, but yeah for sure. But I'm no expert."

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