Grammy Awards 2015: Best Moments Featuring Prince, Hozier and Annie Lennox


Like every year, this year's Grammy's had its share of memorable moments, with performances that simply blew our minds and stole our hearts.

But there a chosen few moments that were extra special.

First off, Prince just showing up on any occasion is in itself an event -- remember his appearance at the Golden Globes, where all he did was read out a sentence or two to announce an award winner -- and at the Grammys the iconic pop star hung out for a touch longer and seemed to have put more effort into his attire. The singer-songwriter came on stage to announce the award for best album in a flowy, shimmering orange long top and pants, accesorised by a long beaded necklaces. Add to that his distinctive trademark, a sleek white scepter. As he swanned in, the audience went berserk, applauding just his entrance and standing up. So, in essence a standing ovation for just walking on to stage.

From the amazing performances that made the evening special, it was hard to choose a few, but the double whammy with Hozier's mega-hit 'Take Me to Church' with Annie Lennox joining in on the chorus of song, seguing into Lennox's rendition of 'Put a Spell on You.' The songstress was the one who brought some very extra special magic as she struck unforgettably delicios notes and did her stylised version of the song.

President Obama's PSA at the awards was another highlight. The president's special message addressed the issue of domestic abuse which also hits close to home for celebrities, who are no stranger to violence from their partners and lovers, with high-profile cases making the headlines.

Here's Obama's speech:

"Tonight, we celebrate artists whose music message helps shape our culture and together, we can change our culture for the better by ending violence against women and girls. Right now, nearly one in five women in America has been a victim of rape or attempted rape. And more than one in four women has experienced some form of domestic violence. It's not okay. And it has to stop. Artists have a unique power to change minds and attitudes and get us thinking and talking about what matters. And all of us, in our own lives, have the power to set an example.

"Join our campaign to stop this violence. Go to, and take the pledge. And to the artists and the Grammys tonight, I ask you to ask your fans to do it, too. It's on us, all of us, to create a culture where violence isn't tolerated, where survivors are supported and where all our young people, men and women, can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them."

Watch Hozier and Annie Lennox's performance at the Grammys:

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