The question of who will win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at the 2015 Academy Awards is becoming more and more clear as time goes on, but there is always the potential for an upset.

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The nominees for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at this year's Oscars are all beloved in their own rights. Many of them have already competed with each other at other award shows, like the Golden Globes, the Critics' Choice Awards and the SAG Awards. Here are the 2015 nominees for Best Supporting Actress:

Patricia Arquette in Boyhood

Laura Dern in Wild

Keira Knightley in The Imitation Game

Emma Stone in Birdman

Meryl Streep in Into the Woods

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Here is a ranking of how likely each nominee is of winning the Oscar:

5. Meryl Streep

Streep is the most nominated actor or actress in the history of the Academy Awards, with this being her 19th nomination. While she has many stellar scenes in Into the Woods, like her performance of Stay With Me, this just isn't her year, especially after winning as recently as 2011. She has not won any awards for this role from any critics or industry groups. The film also underperformed slightly with nominations, suggesting a lack of support.

4. Keira Knightley

Knightley was a breath of fresh air in The Imitation Game, playing trailblazing mathematician Joan Clarke. She has been nominated pretty much everywhere for this performance and while her film received eight nominations at the Oscars, it doesn't seem likely that she will win this one. She does not have many strong scenes that she carries on her own and she has lost numerous awards this season already.

3. Laura Dern

Dern was definitely a surprising name on Oscar nomination morning, nabbing that much sought after fifth slot. She did not receive nominations at the Globes, SAG or the Critics' Choice but still managed to get in. Her screen time in Wild is very sparse but she does have impact and is a warm presence in the film. Since she hasn't competed in any of these awards shows there is no precedent of her losing to anyone. This is why she does have a slight chance of winning though it is still unlikely.

2. Emma Stone

Stone is on an upward trajectory in her career, nabbing an Oscar nomination for the first time this year for Birdman. She has great impact in the movie as she has one big scene of yelling at Michael Keaton's character, while another scene shows her deep vulnerability. She has picked up her fair share of critics awards thus far in the season, which puts her in a good spot, plus her film will be widely seen by the academy. However, she just doesn't have the momentum of the overwhelming frontrunner...

1. Patricia Arquette

Arquette is riding high with this being her first Oscar nomination in her long career. Receiving the best reviews of her life, she is widely considered to be the heart and soul of Boyhood. Playing a struggling single mother with the tendency to pick bad men, her character runs the gamut of emotions, with her most impactful scene coming at the end. Arquette has picked up the Golden Globe, the SAG Award, the Critics' Choice Award and a whole slew of smaller critics awards, more than any other contender combined. Arquette should be expecting to pick up a win here, pretty easily.

While Arquette is the frontrunner, anything is possible at the Oscars.

The 2015 Academy Awards will air live at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT on ABC.