‘The Voice’ Season 8 Battle Rounds: Watch Clip Of Clinton Washington & India Carney Before They Duel [VIDEOS]

The Voice battle rounds continue tonight, March 16 and tomorrow March 17 and the show's YouTube channel has uploaded exclusive videos of the remaining paired contestants prior to them battling it out.

Watch Sneak Peek Of Remaining Battle Rounds On 'The Voice'

Each remaining pair has shared a bit about themselves and each other in these videos.

Adam Levine still has two battles to go. Barry Minniefield and Jack Gregori are paired together for one of his remaining battles while Bren'nae DeBarge and Lexi Davila are the other pair.

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Levine told Minniefield and Gregori to "dress nice" for their battle.

"Wear a couple of suits!" Levine declared.

Levine's last two female contestants that have to battle will be singing Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

DeBarge claimed, "Lexi's very shy, but I think she has so much inside of her. It's waiting to come out."

"I thought she looked like Diana Ross," Davila said of her duet partner when she first saw her, adding, "I love her hair and she's really fun."

Pharrell Williams has three more battle rounds to go through on his team. Briar Jonnee and Caitlin Caporale were paired together. Lowell Oakley and Kimberly Nichole are another pair and finally Sawyer Fredericks and Noelle Bybee are paired together.

Jonnee and Caporale will sing Alicia Keys' Fallin'. These girls are both very soulful so their battle round is sure to amaze. Caporale believes their voices will pair nicely together.

Oakley and his partner will be singing Hound Dog.

"I wasn't really expecting Pharrell to put me with her," Oakley said of his partner.

Kimberly Nichole is a big fan of Oakley's tone.

Lastly, Fredericks and Bybee warmed up to each other after Bybee came off slightly quiet. She learned about his "tricky finger talents," which can be watched in their video below.

Blake Shelton also has three more battle rounds to go with his team. His remaining battles are between Brenna Yaeger and Kelsie May; Bay Brooks and Brooke Adee; Corey Kent White and Jacob Rummell.

Shelton's first remaining paired females will duet with Fancy by country star Reba McEntire. Yaeger and May believe they are extremely similar.

Shelton's other female pairing will be performing Taylor Swift's Style. They like how their voices contrast.

Shelton's last male duo will be tackling I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes. These guys may be battling against each other, but they had nothing other than pleasant things to say about each other.

Lastly, Christina Aguilera's team has four remaining battles. Katelyn Reed will sing against Treeva Gibson while Clinton Washington is paired with India Carney for a battle. Then, Jeremy Gaynor is singing with Rob Taylor while Koryn Hawthorne is paired with Vance Smith.

Gibson and Reed appeared to get along quite well. They both described each other as "sweet."

Washington and Carney are covering Stay by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko, which has previously been teased. They both have a vibe for the earlier years of R&B; "a throw-back" as Washington put it so he was thrilled to be partnered with her.

Gaynor and Taylor are going to sing Levine's band's song Animals.

In their video they're seen goofing around a lot and just having a good time, which will surely translate into their battle round performance.

Aguilera's last duo will be taking on Ariana Grande and The Weeknd's Love Me Harder.

Hawthorne didn't think she'd like or get along with Smith at first, but a bond between them grew as they worked together.

Watch all the exclusive videos of the remaining battle round contestants below.

Tune in on Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 8 p.m. ET for Season 8 of The Voice on NBC.

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