‘The Voice’ Season 8 Knockout Rounds: Watch Blake Shelton Consult Christina Aguilera & Adam Levine Act Like A Child [VIDEOS]

The Voice knockouts for this season are nearly over, but the show's YouTube channel did upload two sneak peeks of what remains for them.

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On Monday, viewers of the reality singing competition show will witness Blake Shelton ask Christina Aguilera for her opinion on which artist she would pick to keep between his artists Brooke Adee and Kelsie May.

In the sneak peek, which is below, Aguilera says, "It's a tough one. It really is."

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Then Shelton asks her whom she would pick and Aguilera cannot decide right away.

"Don't you put pressure on her, Blake. Leave her alone," Adam Levine chimes in, which prompts Shelton to bicker a bit with him.

Laughter even sounds in the audience.

"Do you want me to choose for myself or who I think is good for your team?" Aguilera asks Shelton.

Shelton is beside himself since he clearly doesn't want to part with either singer.

"I just want to leave," he says, which prompts Levine to add, "Please leave."

More laughter sounds from the audience as well as Aguilera.

Then in the other sneak peek, which is also below, Levine gets a little rowdy and childish.

In between takes of the knockouts, Levine walks over to Shelton's chair and causes havoc while Shelton isn't there.

Levine stands on top of the seat cushion and stomps on it. He even presses on Shelton's red button with his shoe-clad foot.

He kicks Shelton's papers off from the flat surface that the button is on.

"Terrible," Aguilera says of Levine's behavior.

For Levine's grand finale of acting like a child to annoy Shelton, he steals Shelton's seat cushion.

Tune in on Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 8 p.m. ET for Season 8 of The Voice on NBC.

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