'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion: Teresa Giudice Claims Jacqueline Laurita Was a Las Vegas Stripper (VIDEOS)

Teresa Giudice continues to weave a web of drama on part three of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Reunion.

Her brother Joe Gorga claimed their parents are no longer as close to him and his wife, Melissa, and their children because Teresa has poisoned their minds.

On the last installment of the reunion show Joe exclaimed, "That's the worst thing you f**king did to me. You understand? You took my parents away from me. My kids don't even have grandparents because of you!"

The brother and sister then get into a war of (cuss) words. Teresa denied ever saying anything bad about her brother or his wife, but a RadarOnline Source said she is lying. During the confrontation Teresa was nearly in tears and Jacqueline Laurita decided to get involved, saying Teresa does speak badly to their parents about her brother and his wife. Teresa then became outraged and it looked as if a physical brawl was about to erupt until host Andy Cohen tried to calm the situation.  

"Teresa has put Melissa down and has said horrible things to turn their parents against her, and yes it has worked," the RadarOnline insider said. "Teresa's parents rarely see Joe's kids. Their parents have been brainwashed against Melissa. ... They believe whatever their daughter tells them. Teresa plays the victim to her parents and they buy into it."

Former best friends Jacqueline and Teresa, it seems, will never mend their friendship. Teresa and her husband Joe said they thought Jacqueline's husband, Chris, met her while she was a stripper in Las Vegas. But Chris and Jacqueline denied those accussations.

Teresa's husband, Joe, supposedly spread the rumor about Jacqueline, but he then back-tracked on the statement.

"I never said she was a stripper. He [Chris] never came out and said stripper," Joe said, according to RadarOnline. "I think he said he was engaged and he was fooling around with Jackie and he got caught or something like that. Am I right? Maybe I'm wrong."

Chris said he never told Joe his wife was a stripper.

"I met Jacqueline for the millionth time...and I never said to you that I met her in Vegas, and I certainly never said that she was a stripper."

But then Teresa blamed Caroline Manzo for spreading the stripper rumor about Jacqueline.

"Caroline, you told me she was a stripper!"

The final episode of the reunion premieres on Sunday, Oct. 14.

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