Gloria Allred: Mitt Romney Lied In Staples' CEO Divorce Scandal

The "October Surprise" announced by Donald Trump and famed attorney Gloria Allred has unveiled plots by the attention-seeking stars to gather evidence to support their political party.

Allred arrived in a Boston court today to request the removal of a gag order to unseal court documents that prove that presidential candidate Mitt Romney lied under oath during a sworn testimony, according to a report. The release of the documents could potentially harm Romney's campaign as Election Day nears on Nov. 6.

Allred went to a court hearing as part of a team that includes a rep for the Boston Globe and Maureen Stemberg Sullivan, the ex-wife of Staples founder Tom Stemberg. Maureen attended to tell the judge she does not object to the request.

In what has been described as a "decades old" divorce case, Romney allegedly lied in a sworn testimony for his pal Tom to help reduce his net worth so that Maureen would not get a substantial amount in their divorce case, according to TMZ.

Sources told TMZ that he stated that it was "overvalued," and referred to Stemberg as a "dreamer."

Romney's lawyer Robert Jones said his client has nothing to hide. "This is a decades-old divorce case in which Mitt Romney provided testimony as to the value of a company," he told Time Magazine"  He has no objection to letting the public see that testimony." 

Tom's investment company Bain Capital was an early investor in Staples, and Romney served on the company's board for years, according to Washington Post

Sources told TMZ that Romney's testimony affected Maureen's share and she ended up with very little. Weeks after the divorce was finalized, Romney and Tom allegedly went to Goldman Sachs and cashed in their Staples stock and ended up with a fortune. Allred's "October Surprise" is that Romney lied and cheated Maureen and later received a big payday. The testimony speaks to his character and could affect his chances at winning the presidential election.

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