Disney News And Rumors: Bea Miller Questions The Authenticy Of Music Today [VIDEO]

Bea Miller is on the rise with her debut album set to release this summer!

Bea Miller Reveals She Was Not Sending 5 Seconds of Summer A Secret Message In Her 'Young Blood' Music Video

While she isn't exactly new to the music scene since she has been performing since she was a kid and appeared on the second season of The X Factor USA alongside Fifth Harmony, she does have a problem with the amount of pressure put on artists.

On Monday the 16-year-old took to Twitter to rant all about it actually.

Bea Miller Thinks Miley Cyrus Is A 'True Artist'

She began her rant by stating, "[I] wonder if music will ever really just be about music."

"[W]hy does it matter what an artist wears on stage or how attractive they are[?]," she then asked, adding she wants "music to be powerful on its own."

For anyone who isn't familiar with Miller let it be known that she's not really into thrills and frills. Many of her videos on YouTube are just of her sitting on a stool singing and her clothing is not of importance. She then tweeted about how it seems like sexy outfits, back-up dancers and singers and all the crazy stage effects imaginable are what make an artist an artist. Without them "you're somehow less of an artist," she stated, which she thinks is ridiculous.

"[I]f you really love an artist they could sit on a stool in sweatpants on stage and you'd still love it just as much," she said in another tweet.

The 16-year-old needed to clarify she wasn't throwing shade at other artists who do use stage effects and such, but she was just making a point that artists are put under a lot of pressure.

Miller actually just made a morning show appearance on The Today Show Tuesday and kept things super simple in a black dress with just her band behind her.

She is true to herself and always speaks her mind.

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