Christian Grey didn't become a BDSM master all on his own. The powerful, yet troubled billionaire of Fifty Shades of Grey got his, um, schooling from family friend Elena Lincoln. Following EnStars' dream casting of Jack Hyde, we take a stab at who could nail the role of Christian's monetary benefactor and sultry secret dominatrix in the upcoming sequel Fifty Shades Darker. Read on!

Cate Blanchett

In the Grey literary series, Elena Lincoln is described as being in her early 40's, elegant, statuesque, sexy and a platinum blonde. Blanchett seems tailored made for the job. Easily a go-to choice for Christian's dominant, dressed-in-black "teacher." (Photo :

Catherine Zeta Jones

Lately, it seems Catherine Zeta Jones has been in the news more for her turbulent marriage with Michael Douglas than her big-screen pursuits. Which is why snagging the role of Elena would provide a career rebirth of sorts for the Oscar-nominated Welsh talent. How would Jones look as a blonde? Who cares? She would transform this meaty gig into her personal playground. (Photo :

Diane Lane

Hollywood has been trying its best to designate the uber talented (and still effortlessly sexy) Lane into an aging mom-jeans-wearing matriarch. Just witness her last two high-profile appearances as Superman's gray-haired, beloved adopted mother Martha Kent in 2013's Man of Steel and as the drama-seeking mother in the 2014 thriller Every Secret Thing. But Lane has proven throughout her career that she can go to some pretty dark and sensual places. Just give her the handcuffs and get out of the way. (Photo :

Uma Thurman

To be a believable BDSM queen you need a few attributes. Most importantly, you should possess an imposing energy; someone who may come off as affable, well adjusted in normal, everyday situations like grocery shopping, but would gleefully break you down behind closed doors. Thurman--who became a fanboy favorite when she took on the now iconic role as a sword-wielding assassin out for revenge in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2--would kick proverbial butt. (Photo :

Charlize Theron

It is rumored the white-hot Theron, fresh off of her eye-opening, adrenaline-charged performance in the acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, is tops among actresses on the short list to play Elena. Call this one a no-brainer. (Photo :

Halle Berry

Imagine you are 15-year-old Christian Grey and your mother's longtime friend and bondage enthusiast was Halle Berry? Now that would be the ultimate Mrs. Robinson. Sure, the veteran Academy-Award winner would be a bit of a curve pitch, but, hey, who could say no to a stunning, ageless wonder like Halle? (Photo :