'Blue Mountain State' Movie News: Film's Release Delayed Because It Was 'Too Crude' & Received NC-17 Rating? [PHOTO]


Fans have been wondering if the Kickstarter funded Blue Mountain State Movie would ever be released, and finally, answers have been given as to why the film's expected release date has been consistently pushed back. 

Will 'Blue Mountain State: The Rise Of Thadland' Be Released This Fall?

In an update on Kickstarter, producer Eric Falconer let the film's backers and supporters know that the film was finally in the hands of its distributor, and had been delayed due to its MPAA rating.  

"I'm very happy to report that our movie, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland is officially finished! We've completed post-production and delivered the film to our distributor," he wrote in the update. "...Anyway we ran into a little snag a few weeks ago when the MPAA screened the movie and were so appalled by what they saw that they slapped us with an NC-17 rating. But we spoke with them, took out a few small pieces they had a problem with, and were able to get a rating og 'R.' Actually the official language from the MPAA reads...'Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, drug use and language throughout, and some graphic nudity.' If that doesn't get you excited for this movie, I don't know what will." 

'Blue Mountain State: The Rise Of Thadland' Is Pushed Back

In addition, he also updated the backers who still hadn't received the merchandise they were supposed to get when they donated to the movie's fund, revealing that he and one of the stars, Romanski, would be hand delivering merchandise to fans in Southern California because of the delay.  

"...As part of our initial agreement with TMU, they owed us a large bulk shipment of merch, which they sent when we thought we'd all reached an agreement," he wrote about the T-shirt supplier. "So what we've decided to do, is to start fulfilling your orders ourselves using the bulk shipment. We're most likely going to end up suing TMU and who knows how long that will take. I don't want those of you affected by this waiting around any longer than you already have.  

"If you live in Southern California and are still waiting for your rewards, Romanski and I will be showing up to your front door and delivering the items personally this week. No need to ship if we're neighbors!" he added. "If you live elsewhere and are still waiting for your rewards, Romanski and I will personally be packing your items and shipping them out to you!" 

There is still no official release date for the film.  

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