Mitt Romney Jay Leno Interview on 'Tonight Show' [VIDEO]: Blasts Obama, IRS Scandal

Gov. Mitt Romney apparently enjoyed his appearance on The Tonight Show on Friday with Leno, but the interview covered serious ground.

The former Republican presidential candidate tweeted after his appearance:

"@anndromney and I had a great time on the #TonightShow. Thanks @jayleno for the lift home!"

During the interview with host Jay Leno, the former Republican presidential candidate discussed recent events involving the IRS. The government organization apologized on May 10 for targeting conservative groups with words like "patriot" and "tea party in their names.

"There's been a breach of trust," Romney said.

The two also discussed the Department of Justice's seizure of Associated Press phone records and the ongoing Benghazi investigation and the 2012 presidential election.

Romney said that each concern needs to be investigated.

Two main things need to be a focus in the IRS investigation, Romney said. People need to find out answers to questions like whether or not the targeting was appropriate, why it happened and who knew what when. Second, he said, a special counsel needs to determine whether or not certain individuals were attacked because of their political views or donations.

The Benghazi attack was an issue in the 2012 presidential election. Recent Congressional hearings have put the issue back in the spotlight.

Whether or not President Obama called Benghazi a terrorist attack was questioned during a debate between the President and Rodney during the 2012 race. Romney told Leno he didn't think the issue would have changed the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Romney said he wishes he were president, but that there are also bigger concerns in life than winning or losing elections and that people face bigger challenges every day.

"It's better to win than to lose, but in the scheme of life, losing an election was not the end of the road," Romney said.

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