5 Seconds of Summer News 2015: What Did Calum Hood Recently Read That He Thinks ‘Is Interesting?' [PHOTO, VIDEO]

It seems like the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer are enjoying a tiny bit of downtime before things get super busy once again for them.

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Their sophomore LP, Sounds Good Feels Good, will drop next month, but in the meantime, it seems like bassist Calum Hood is enjoying a little leisure reading.

He's been reading How Music Works by David Byrne.

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It is a book about how music is shaped from key factors such as time and place as well as the advancements in technology. Byrne is a musician known for his time in rock band Talking Heads.

Anyway, Hood seems to have been enraptured from a passage on page 18, in which it states, "The North American musicologist Alan Lomax in his book Folk Song Style and Culture argued that the structure of this music and others of its type-essentially leaderless ensembles-emanates from and mirrors egalitarian societies, but that's a whole other level of context. 1 I love his theory that music and dance styles are metaphors for the social and sexual mores of the societies they emerge from, but that's not the story I aim to focus on in this book."

It continues to discuss the history of music and how culture influenced the making of certain instruments at certain times in history and so on.

This theory seemed to spur intrigue from Hood since he questioned, "Did surroundings shape the sound of different types of music?

"This is interesting," he beamed about what he was reading.

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