‘Gold Rush’ Season 6 Premiere: What Trouble Will The Hoffman Crew Find Themselves In Dealing With Ice & Water? [EXCLUSIVE, VIDEOS]

Gold Rush returns to Discovery Channel tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 16, for its brand new season!

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This new season will air following the Gold Rush pre-show The Dirt every Friday night.

The sixth season premiere will be two hours long and we have two sneak peeks teasing what viewers can expect.

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The Hoffman family, Schnabel family and Beets family have all returned with their crews for more mining of gold.

In the first sneak peek that's below, Todd Hoffman is seen with some of his crew and he is heard doing a voiceover, mentioning, "Last year I brought my guys back from the brink of bankruptcy."

He also mentioned they mined more gold than ever before. It was actually "more gold than all of our previous seasons combined" he noted.

Todd hopes he, his son, dad and the rest of their crew this season will be fruitful.

Up next, Parker Schnabel is seen out on the water on a boat and heard in a voiceover in which he reveals he messed up big time with his crew last season.

"Last season we dug over $3 million dollars worth of gold out of the ground, but it came at a price," he shared.

That "price" was some of his crew quit, which he acknowledged as being his own fault since he focused too much on just the gold.

"So this season I have to do more than just get the gold," he declared, adding, "I have to figure out how to truly lead a team."

Tony Beets is the last gold miner shown and he loves his dredges.

"People think I'm crazy for bringing the dredge back to life," he said while in a helicopter, adding, "But the old-timers, they weren't stupid."

This season he wants "a fleet of dredges" since they are considered the cheapest way to mine for gold.

In the second sneak peek that's below, the Hoffman crew will be having some issues with water so Dave Turin will bring in their biggest pump to get the water out of their territory.

To add to the problems with the water, Logan Pierce will find that he broke through some ice landing the crew's equipment underwater.

Gold Rush airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.

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