Jamie Dornan News: Could The Actor Have Saved Bradley Cooper From Getting 'Burnt'? [VIDEO]

There might be a good reason why Bradley Cooper's latest box office film bombed so badly at the theaters this past weekend. Many critics say Burnt might have had a better chance of surviving if 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan's scenes were kept in the film.

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According to Naughty Gossip on Monday, even Bradley Cooper's star power couldn't help the poorly-reviewed movie, as it basically got toasted with only $5 million in ticket sales. What's worse, Sandra Bullock's latest film, Our Brand Is Crisis, might be her biggest flop of her career, as it took in eighth place with only $3.4 million. Matt Damon's The Martian is enjoying its continued success at the top of the box office with $11.4 million in sales.

Many critics say that Burnt could have done slightly better if Dornan was kept in the film, as many of his fans would have flocked to the movie theater just to see him. In comparison, his biggest blockbuster hit, 50 Shades of Grey killed the competition back in February making $90 million in its opening weekend. It now hold the record for the biggest opener of a President's Day weekend.

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According to RTE News back in September, Dornan had a small role in the film, in which Cooper plays a tarnished chef hoping to redeem himself by opening a Michelin star restaurant. However, his scenes reportedly ended up on the cutting room floor.

A spokesperson for the film said, "Jamie's role was a small cameo that was part of a back story and following the editing process is no longer part of the film."

So far, Dornan has not made any comments about being cut from the movie.

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