Kate Del Castillo Facts: 4 Craziest Things To Know About Actress Who Set Up Sean Penn's Meeting With El Chapo Before His Capture [PHOTO]

Following on the heels of the news that Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman has once again been captured by Mexican authorities came news that American actor Sean Penn had been given the chance to have a secret meeting with him this Fall-which was recounted in an interview that was published in Rolling Stone this weekend.  

5 Things We Learned From Sean Penn's Interview With El Chapo

Since then, more details have emerged about Penn's secret interview, which occurred months before El Chapo's arrest, but one person who has yet to be really looked at is Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo, who helped to broker the meeting between the two men.  

Here are four facts about Del Castillo and her role in the meeting that you should know: 

It All Started With A Tweet 

Del Castillo's connection to El Chapo began in January 2012, when she tweeted about her distrust of the Mexican Government and seemed to share support for the still non-captured cartel head-addressing him directly in her tweet. According to Penn's article, she wrote at the time: 

"Mr. Chapo, wouldn't it be cool that you started trafficking with love? With cures for diseases, with food for the homeless children, with alcohol for the retirement homes that don't let the elderly spend the rest of the days doing whatever the f**k they want. Imagine trafficking with corrupt politicians instead of the women and children who end up as slaves. Why don't you burn all those whorehouses where women are worth less than a pack of cigarettes. Without offer, there's no demand. Come one, DoN! You would be the hero of heroes. Let's traffic with live. You know how to. Life is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise. Don't you agree?"   

El Chapo Reportedly Became "Obsessed" With Her 

News of the tweet reportedly reached the drug lord while he was on the run, and he contacted her with an attorney for her address so he could send her flowers, which reportedly never arrived. The two resumed contact at a later date, but sources told Breitbart that Guzman had become obsessed with the actress and wanted to be with her.  

Del Castillo Reportedly Set The Two Men Up With The Idea Of Brokering A Movie About El Chapo's Life 

Del Castillo and El Chapo resumed contact after his 2014 capture when he wanted her to help with the idea of a movie about his life-and she was the one who set up the meeting between Penn and El Chapo, via a mutual contact after his escape from prison in July. Penn, the contact and Del Castillo then met with El Chapo in September. 

Ironically, Del Castillo's Best Known Role is As The Head Of A Drug Cartel 

Somewhat ironically, Del Castillo's best known role is as drug boss Teresa Mendoza on the soap opera La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South) 

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