The 'Shaytards' YouTube's First Reality Show

In 2008, The Shaytards began filming content for the online medium, YouTube. Today, they have over 1,000,000 subscribers and over 564,000,000 video views. They film daily videos allowing their viewers into their home to experience their daily activities. Essentially, The Shaytards are the first self-made web based reality show. The Shaytards latest video features the children singing in their kitchen, after they came home from church. The majority of their videos are at least 10 minutes long which is very long in terms of YouTube time. According to Sysomos Inc, a Marketwire Company, the average YouTube video is 4 minutes and 12 seconds in length. The Shaytards often upload videos that are twice the amount of length as the average YouTube video.

The Shaytards obtained a large social media following due to their YouTube success. Shay Butler currently has 245,000 fans on Facebook and over 300,000 Twitter followers.  

The family's YouTube success has brought them national attention. Recently, they went on Anderson Cooper's Talks Show, "Anderson Live", to discuss how they are earning a living by creating YouTube content. Anderson Cooper asked, "How does making videos and putting them on YouTube earn you a living?" "Basically we are a giant billboard YouTube has created this big stage for people like us to create content," Shay Butler said.

The Shaytards make their living off "Video Blogging", the shortened term for this is "Vlog." There are many other YouTubers that earn their livings off video blogging including: Kingsley, Jenna Marbles and The VlogBrothers. The Shaytards are unique because they are an entire family letting people in on their lives. Fans of The Shaytards can purchase merchandise online including: t-shirts, Snapback caps, a Shaytards calendar and Tank Tops. The family has created a brand off their online success.

YouTube opened up the door for this fun, likable family. They have the ability to entertain viewers by providing them content that incorporated their daily activities. Perhaps this well known YouTube family will expand their business ventures into a reality television show; they have a large fan base. The Shaytards upload videos onto YouTube everyday; their channel is

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