Filter Donald Trump: Internet Creates New Ways To Block Donald Trump From Devices

Some people are just burned out on politics. True, the election is still a long way down the road, but the media coverage has been overwhelming. Everywhere you turn there are campaign ads, debates, and news stories about the politicians. Even hardcore news junkies are longing for a break -- and by and large people seem to want a break from Donald Trump. So does that mean if you want a break from Trump and all the news surrounding him, you have to go cold turkey from technology? Well you could, or you could use these filters and extensions to keep your digital experience refreshingly Trump-free. Read on to find the very best ways to filter Donald Trump from your online life.

Trump Filter

One of the most exhaustive Trump filters available, this promises to keep your entire online experience Donald-free. Feeling a bit more kindly disposed to the candidate on some days than others? You can adjust your level of Trump-saturation based on your mood and attitude. Perfect for the person who wavers on how much Trump they can handle. The only problem with his extension is it can be a little over-enthusiastic; some users have complained that on higher levels, it eliminates any mention of any Donald, Trump or otherwise.


This extension technically doesn't block Trump from your browser, but it does make reading about politics a lot more fun. Inspired by John Oliver's hilarious 'Make Donald Drumpf Again' campaign, this Chrome creation takes every single mention of Donald Trump and replaces it with 'Donald Drumpf.' That's it. Same old news you've been reading all along, with this, only 'Drumpfified. Unlike most extension gimmicks, this one actually gets funnier the longer you use it. And make no mistakes about it, John Oliver is determined to make Donald Drumpf again -- whether he lives it or not.

Trump Trump

Tired of seeing Donald Trump on your smartphone when you're just trying to read up on the latest celebrity news? Then you're going to love this free app from the iTunes store that promises to keep your phone free and clear of all Trump-related news. Now you'll be able to browse CNN, MSNBC, and other news sites without having to worry about even more Trump over-saturation.

Remove Donald Trump From Facebook

Wouldn't it be great to go on Facebook without ending up in a screaming political fight with someone? No matter what side of the political fence you fall on these days, emotions are running high and Facebook has become the forum on which arguments abound. If Donald Trump is the topic that sets you off, this Chrome Extension will prove a dream come true. Now you won't feel obligated to unfollow people posting support of Trump, or engage them in increasingly hostile online debates about politics. Everybody wins! 

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