The singing competition shows are locked in a bit of a rivalry and Adam Levine, judge on The Voice, responded to American Idol's Randy Jackson's criticism today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"So Randy Jackson said basically, because there are bunch of singing competitions on the air right now. Randy said that The Voice is basically kind of a second-chance place. People that don't get in someplace else go to The Voice," Ellen said to the group on her show.

"I heard about this," Levine said. "Shame on Randy Jackson for saying that, because he out of anybody should know that if you're in this business you need second, third, fourth and fifth chances. So we love and embrace that being part of the show. You know, god bless Randy. He was a working musician for a long time and had a lot of success and then the show Idol kind of blew him out of the water. And he is a household name now. It was an irresponsible thing to say that."