Bobbi Kristina Brown Update News 2016: Why Is Her Family Coming For Ray J About Whitney Houston Case? [VIDEO]

While Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother Whitney Houston’s passings still remain mysteries after they both drowned in a bathtub (in separate incidents), things have gotten even messier between Bobbi Kristina’s family and star Ray J.

Fans might remember shortly after Bobbi Kristina’s bathtub incident on Jan. 31 of last year, one writer, Ruth Houston (no relation) called out Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah for making false statements against Ray J, who was said to be present when Whitney was found unconscious in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel on Feb. 11 back in 2012. Leolah also accused Ray J of being the one to give Whitney drugs. While Ruth wrote the article more than a year ago, Leolah is just catching wind of it and decided to clap back Sunday.

She called out Ruth before bringing Ray J back into the mix and wrote, “Everything that I said or will ever say about Ray j or anyone else will always be the absolutely 100% truth to the letter. I am not one who has the time nor will I ever make time for such nonsense & lies on me without the correct knowledge of me.”

She added that if Ray J wants to challenge her, she will happy to settle it in court.

“There are many thousands of people who believe that I am telling the truth. Yet, there are also many people like Ray j himself who KNOW for certain that I am very well speaking the truth. I ALSO HAVE WITNESSES IF RAY J IS READY FOR COURT! I have the testimony of my niece and others who were present when he did what he did so you can run and tell Ray J that if he is ready.”

Ray J has denied having any involvement with Whitney’s death.

“Thought Leolah Brown was nowhere near the Beverly Hilton hotel on the day Whitney Houston died, CNN proceeded to broadcast an interview with Ms. Brown in which she falsely claimed that Ray J was at the hotel and contributed to Whitney Houston’s death,” Ray J’s lawyer said in a statement. “Even the most minimal inquiry with anyone actually in contact with Whitney would reveal that Leolah Brown had been out of contact with Whitney for more than a year and was nowhere near the scene on the day of her death.”

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