The leading man of Cruel Intentions- the TV show- opened up on what it's like working with the star of the movie version.

On Friday, People released details from Taylor Smith Johnson who plays Bash in the upcoming series based on the dramatically sinister film.

Fans of the movie were probably happy to hear that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be in the show to reprise her role as Kathryn from the film. And based on what Smith said, the actress is doing just splendidly.

"It's hard to take your eyes off her," Smith said about Gellar. "Even in a scene, it's hard to stay focused just because she's magnetic to watch."

As a new actor, himself, Smith seemed to learn a lot from his co-star who stepped back into the role as the manipulative woman who enjoyed sabotaging the lives of others.

"She really took care of me," the young star said. "She was very adamant about doing what was necessary in order to make the scene come to life or to make your choices true."

Smith gave more insight on what the series will be about- Bash, the son of the movie characters Sebastian and Annette, will discover hidden secrets about his family when he uncovers his late father's journal. While his mother brought him up to be a rightful young man, Bash takes a trip to see his aunt Kathryn who is still doing what she can to reign supreme no matter what happens.

"It's like his mom on one shoulder- she's the angel- and then there's Kathryn on the other side like the devil," Smith said. "They're both kind of pulling for me. Will I become the person my mom raised me to be or am I destined to become like my father and go down that road of power and prestige?"