T.I. took a break from caring for his and wife Tiny’s newborn, Heiress Harris, to call out speculation that he refused to appear at a funeral for free.

T.I. shared a headline from a gossip news site that reads, “Family Reaches Out To T.I. To Attend Slain Son’s Funeral, TIP Requested $40K For His Presence!”

He made it clear in the caption Monday that it was all, “#LIES.”

He added that for starters, no one even reached out to him to go to the service “Let alone me charge someone to attend a funeral.”

He warned fans to “be aware of who they’re contacting & not believe every Tom Dick & Hank who says they’re connected.”

But he didn’t end there. It turns out he had a few more things he needed to get off of his chest.

“BUT I’d appreciate it if y’all could quit wit da [crap]…I been in dis game too long…,” he wrote before listing the things he has been known to do when it comes to looking out for the well-being of various communities.

“Check my resume I’ve paid for funerals & sent kids to college… Charging 40k to attend a funeral ain’t even in my repertoire… #KnockItOFF”

Meanwhile, his wife has shown how well Heiress is getting adjusted to being at home with T.I. and their other six children. She shared a photo of T.I. holding the child with a special caption earlier this month.

My newest Blessing! Heiress & her daddy @troubleman31  A photo posted by Majorgirl (@majorgirl) on Apr 4, 2016 at 10:08am PDT