With Ricky Gervais, you just never know what he might say next. That's why fans can't help but wonder if he's joking or totally serious when he says that he kind of wants Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States.

In a new interview with Seth Meyers this week, the British comedian admits that he wants to see a lot of The Donald in the future, perhaps mostly because he thinks the businessman is one of the most entertaining personalities in the media right now.

"I can't get enough of him," Ricky admitted during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday. "I started off thinking it was quite funny and then it got a bit serious and now I don't know whether I want him to get in just for the fun of it or not. I can say that, I don't live here, so sorry about that!"

Gervais added, "I love him and I just want to see a channel of him 24/7 just talking because it's amazing. I love it. He doesn't mean to be funny--that's the beauty of it though."

Gervais suggestion? Just tell Trump he won the presidency and then film him for a TV show. 

Although with the way things are going, it looks like Gervais's plan might be needed. Trump is currently leading ahead of the remaining Republican candidates (Ted Cruz and John Kasich) and there's a good chance he might earn the party's nomination and possible even the White House.